Message from Top Management

Representative Director,President & CEO  Norio Sueyoshi

 Coca-Cola West Group is one of the largest bottlers in the world having business territories extended to 22 prefectures in Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu. Capitalizing on the scale merit of the vast market holding more than 30% of the nation’s population, we are moving forward and extending regions of value chain in product manufacturing, logistics, sales, collections and recycling.

 With our corporate philosophy “to dedicate ourselves to the happy, vigorous lifestyle of our consumers and to contribute to a sustainable society by offering valuable products and services through our beverage portfolio”, our intentions are not limited to ensure safe, sound and excellent quality in all of our thinking and actions with “customer & consumer centricity”, but our minds are set to continually search out for new consumer needs and to offer products and services with new values through our perpetual transformations. In addition to contributing to enriching the physical and mental well-being for a positive living with savory, fun, health and comfort in the diverse lifestyles of consumers, we strive to developing a sustainable society with keen awareness of local environmental stewardship and coexistent with local community in our business activities.

 We will expand our sales volume as well as market share by precisely planned sales activities that fit each region's needs and to lead transformations of Coca-Cola businesses in Japan. Furthermore, we endeavor to be a company supported by customers/consumers, understood by shareholders, cherished by local communities and boasted by employees as we remain to provide ”happiness” to all our stakeholders through our day-to-day business activities.

 Furthermore, we conduct our businesses by positioning “CSV (Creating Shared Value)” as a platform for management strateCreating Shared Valuegies from last year evolving “CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities)” we had built in the past in a bid to assume responsibilities to society, in addition to helping enrich people’s mind and body to live positively in diverse consumer lifestyles on elements such as great taste, fun, health and comfort.

 In addition, we plan to launch a new integrated company “Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.” on April 1, 2017 to serve 38 prefectures as its sales territories including the Tokyo metropolitan area with its sales volumes represent approximately 86% of total Coca-Cola branded products sold in Japan.

 We will continue to ensure activities with superior quality sticking to connections with customers/ consumers and unite each individual employee’s capabilities in the Coca-Cola West Group as we strive to evolve to a highly profitable “excellent company” with integrity.